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Board of Health


The Borough contracts with the Bergen County Department of Health Services (BCDHS) for Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) services, and BCDHS serves as the Borough's Health Officer.
Phone:  201-634-2730
REHS E-mail:  [email protected]

Animal Control Officer

Board of Health Information

The Board of Health is responsible for ensuring that proper health standards are maintained within the Borough. The Board also oversees that Borough Ordinances, intended to guarantee healthy living circumstances in Old Tappan, are respected.

The Board of Health regulates the maintenance of food and beverage vending machines and retail food establishments, controls the keeping of animals, authorizes the inspection of premises by the health officer, and oversees and regulates other establishments in order to guarantee healthy living circumstances.

Health Department Information

The Board of Health has contracted with the Bergen County Department of Health Services, an organization that provides a variety of health-related services. For information on these services, see Bergen County Department of Health Services

For any inquiries or complaints please contact the Duty Officer at 201-634-2730

Physical Exams Free for Children

The Board of Health offers a monthly Child Health Conference for Old Tappan children from birth through age 6 where they may receive free, complete medical physical exams and all required immunizations.  Children ages 7 through 18 years of age may receive immunizations only.  Appointments are necessary.  For further information call 201-666-4800 ext 1528.  Sessions are held at the Hillsdale Borough Building, 380 Hillsidale Avenue, in the lower level.  Services are provided by a Pediatrician and Public Health Nurse.


Meetings held on the third Wesnesday of each month at 7:30 PM.
The Board meetings are presently held virtually via Zoom
Wednesday, December 21st
 Zoom Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 845 7334 5544
Passcode: 619167


Rubina Bhatia - Chairperson
Lisa Troy - Vice Chairperson
Julie Fortunato
Sarabjit Singh
Ciro Scilingo
Harriette Weil
Sean Wengerter
Stephen Wiklinski

Traci Burgess

Marta Di Santi - Secretary
Guy Carnazza - Council Liaison

Upcoming Meetings

21 Jun
Board of Health Mtg.
Date 06.21.2023 7:30 pm
20 Sep
Board of Health Mtg.
09.20.2023 7:30 pm
18 Oct
Board of Health Mtg.
10.18.2023 7:30 pm
15 Nov
Board of Health Mtg.
11.15.2023 7:30 pm
20 Dec
Board of Health Mtg.
12.20.2023 7:30 pm