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Well Water Testing

Well Testing Act

New Jersey's Private Well Testing Act (PWTA) became effective September 14, 2002 for all real estate transfers serviced by private wells. A second phase of testing requirements for all leased properties will be effective on March 14, 2004. All lessors of properties with private wells must test the water by a state certified PWTA lab by March 14th and provide a written copy of the results to all tenants. The water must then be retested every five years. Any new tenant must be given a copy of the most recent results. Further information can be obtained at the PWTA website: NJDEP-Compliance and Enforcement
For further information on the Private Well Testing Act rules, please contact the Department’s Bureau of Safe Drinking Water at 609-292-5550, or visit the Department's PWTA website.

Well Water Testing

The State of New Jersey recommends that New Jersey residents have their well water tested once a year by a State certified lab because there are a variety of pollutants that can find their way into our water which can have adverse effects on our health.
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