July 8th- July 25th

Monday- Thursday 9am- 1pm



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Camp Location: Stone Point Park

Eligible: Entering K - 6th Grade

Fee: $225 per Camper

Sign Up By: June 15, 2019 (late fees apply after that)



Some Important Notes About Camp Serendipity


 Outdoor Location

All of our programs will be held outside. We will have many shaded areas…water stations and a cooling off station set up throughout the park. Campers will be encouraged to take frequent water breaks throughout the day….to stay in shaded areas when assigned to do so…. and to cool off at a cooling station as needed each day.

Please be aware that Stone Point Park will be closed to the public during all Camp hours. Once Campers have been dropped off in the AM, the parking lot entrance will be closed and signs will be posted throughout the park indicating that the Park (and playground) is not open to the public until after 1:30pm each day that camp is in session.


Inclement Weather Conditions
In the event we experience weather conditions which make it unsafe for Campers to be outside two scenarios could take place:


Anticipated inclement weather may cause us to cancel camp at Stone Point Park prior to the start of camp and to relocate to Northern Valley High School gym . If this determination is made, it will be done as early as possible either the night before or, at the latest, in the morning before the start of camp.

You will be contacted via email (the email you supplied when registering with community pass) if the park will be closed for the day.

Day of Decision - Rain Re-Location
If we have begun camp activities and unanticipated dangerous weather begins, camp will have to be canceled for the day if conditions are not expected to pass and outdoor play is deemed unsafe, Parents will then be notified to pick campers up from Camp.

You will be contacted using email alert system via the lightning detection system. This system relies solely on the email address you indicate on Community Pass when you register your child. It is imperative that you accurately enter your email address as directed on Community Pass in order to ensure receipt of the email alert.  UPON RECEIPT OF THIS EMAIL, YOUR CHILD MUST BE PICKED UP IMMEDIATELY AS CONDITIONS AT THE PARK HAVE BEEN DEEMED UNSAFE

Keep in Mind:

§  Parents are encouraged to monitor the weather conditions to avoid delayed pick up of the campers. Although we do have some shelter, it is limited and is not ideal for extended periods of time.

§  If camp is canceled…Counselors will remain responsible to ensure the safety of campers until parents arrive. Please do not take your children home until they have been signed out by their Counselor….it is important that parent’s adhere to the regular pick procedures.

§  If weather conditions are mild and shows signs of passing, campers may be brought under the pavilion temporarily until the conditions pass and camp activities may be resumed. This would only occur when no lightning has been detected by our alert system


Drop Off: 9 AM

§  FIRST DAY OF CAMP- Accompany your child to one of two entrances to the Park where tables will be set up. Staff will then direct parents to their child’s Camp group

§  THEREAFTER- Campers/Parents may proceed to their Group each morning to sign in on the Basketball Court and will sit with their Counselor/Group until activities get started

 Be sure your child is checked off as "present" each day by the Counselor before you leave


Pick Up: 1PM

Parent should arrive after 12:55 and proceed to the Basketball. 

§  If anyone, other than a parent, is picking up your child, a note MUST be sent to your child’s Counselor naming the individual to pick up the child. The Counselor will release a child only after the individual has identified him/herself properly to the Counselor. All Counselors have been instructed that no Camper is to be released to anyone other than a parent/guardian without a written note.


§  If an early pick-up is needed, please send a note to the Counselor; we will do our best to ensure that the camper is prepared to leave early.  In an emergency, contact one of the Camp Supervisors to locate your child as quickly as possible. Be sure your child’s counselor has had an opportunity to note that you have picked up your child early.



Limited food will be served during camp and Counselors are each given a list of allergies (food and environmental) that parents have indicated for their child at registration. We may occasionally elect to offer Campers small snacks or treat. If treats are added to our current list, parents will be notified in advance, to avoid any allergy issues that may present a problem for your child.  You may request an ingredient list at any time.

As of today the only scheduled treats are:

¨    Sno Cones 

¨    Ice Pops


Items Needed Each Day

Please send your child to camp each day with: 

  • Sancks - snack / beverage in disposable bag

  • Water- A re-usable water bottle as hydration is necessary throughout the day

  • Footwear- Sneakers (or other covered footwear) are highly recommended. Activities will take place outside and are extremely active

  • Dress- Campers will have Arts and Crafts every day and will be playing on baseball fields and in the grass…..please make sure children are prepared to get dirty when they come to camp... 


Clearly label ALL items with Campers name & grade*


A Note About Dogs
For the safety of the children, dogs are prohibited on the premises before, during, and after the camp hours.


Camper Rules
Below you will find a copy of our Camp Rules. Please go over these rules with your child so that they are aware of their responsibly as a Camper.


We want to allow the Campers to enjoy this opportunity with their friends to be in a relaxed and fun filled environment. But we do need to emphasize to our Campers the need to observe Camp rules.


 Supervision of Campers

 §   If you have any questions problems, or concern about your child while at Camp, do not hesitate to contact your child's Senior Counselor.

§  If your concerns are not adequately addressed with the Senior Counselor or if you are not comfortable discussing a particular issue with your Senior Counselor, please contact the recreation Director either via e-mail or phone. 

§  I will address any issues that arise with the Campers immediately in order to avoid an escalating problem.


Camp Supervisors

Camp Director: Deena O’Rourke 914 374-2224

Camp Assistant Director: Diana Morrissey

Recreation Director: Gloria Wiesner gwiesner@oldtappan.net



*** Camp Rules-For Camp Serendipity Campers ***

Be considerate and respectful of others in what you say and do.

Respect other Campers and Counselors as you would want them to respect you.



  • Excluding of other Campers from any activities

  • Hurtful words to others

  • Disruptive or Disrespectful behavior

    This behavior is ultimately destructive to the Camp and its goal of providing a safe, fun and relaxed atmosphere for the children. It will not be tolerated by our Counselors or Supervisors.

    Cooperate with other Campers and enjoy the opportunity to support and encourage one another. Interact with new friends over the summer.

    Follow the instructions/directions of your Counselor while at Camp, they are in charge of your safety. Do not wander off from your Group and do not go anywhere while at Camp without a Counselor.

    Campers are to clean up after themselves at all times….they will not be permitted to leave debris in the Park and will be reminded of their responsibility to pick up after themselves  Please talk to your campers about this as we have had a difficult time with the condition of the park left by campers snack bag messes.

    No Cell phones or electronic devices of any kind are permitted during camp hours.

    Do not bring extra items from home as they could be easily lost and are not needed during the camp day.




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