Police Services


21 Russell Ave, Old Tappan, NJ 07675

201-664-1221 (non-emergency)

EMERGENCY? Dial 911.

Chief of Police: Thomas Shine
Council Liaison: Matthew Nalbandian 

Old Tappan is ranked the 5th safest city in NJ out of 475 cities in a 2014 study



Quick FAQ's:

  • Where can I apply for a Temporary Handicapped Parking Permit?
    The Chief of Police may issue a temporary permit for a period of 6 months. This permit application is available at Police Headquarters and a $4.00 fee payable to NJDMV is required.

  • Is overnight parking in the street allowed all year?
    No overnight parking is permitted between November 15th and April 1st.

  • I recently bought my child a motorized skateboard. Are they allowed to drive them in the street?
    Motorized skateboards are not allowed on streets or public sidewalks.

  • Does my Police Department provide house checks while we are away on vacation?
    Yes. The Police Department provides both physical and visual checks.

  • I recently purchased new child seats for my car, does the Police Department provide assistance in helping me install them properly?
    Yes. The Police Department has 3 certified child seat technicians. Please make an appointment before coming to headquarters.

  • Does my house alarm system need to be registered with the Borough?
    Yes, the Police Department maintains the records of all alarms systems in the borough A yearly $10.00 fee is required along with updated contact information.

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