The Old Tappan First Aid Corps. was established back in 1939 by Joseph Mazzo.  The first ambulance they purchased was an old 1929 Hearse from a local undertaker.  It was kept in a garage on Clark Avenue, and was stored there until the Old Tappan Fire House was completed some years later.  Joseph Mazzo loaned the Old Tappan First Aid Corps. the needed funding to build the Old Tappan First Aid Corps building some time thereafter, and when it had been completed the Hearse finally found its rightful parking place. 

        In order to get others in Old Tappan and the surrounding area involved in first aid, Joseph Mazzo, along with Pat Lanza (from Closter) and Morris Beaman, were instructors who taught first aid classes to those who were willing to learn and help out.  As time moved on, the Corps. continued to grow and prosper into the Old Tappan First Aid Corps. we have today.  We now have two ambulances, have doubled the size of our facility, and have increased the membership substantially.




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