Taxes are due ON May 1st. The grace period ends on Monday May 11th by 4pm.

Please note that for this quarter only, no in person or cash payment will be accepted.  The following are the four acceptable ways to pay this quarter’s property taxes.

  1. Electronic Check or Credit:  Directly from the Borough’s website - Click "Taxes Inquiry and Pay online" left side of home page.  Fees are as follows:  ACH or e-check - $1.05;  VISA debit card - $3.95;  All other debit or Credit cards - 2.95%
  2. ACH Withdrawal:  Click “ACH Withdrawal” below, read directions and complete form.  Return form and voided check by mail to the Borough Hall or email to Toni Flyge.  All completed forms must be received by April 17th in order to set up the ACH withdrawal with our bank.
  3. Online BillPay from your bank:  Please be aware payments that you initiate with your own bank through online bill pay should be scheduled in advance of any due date to allow a sufficient number of mailing days for the Borough to receive, process and apply the payment to your account. Payments made from online bill pay are sent through the mail. The Borough is not responsible for late payments due to delays in mail service or bank processing. Please include your Block and Lot, Last name and/or property address in order for us to apply the payment to the correct account.
  4. Mail in Checks: We encourage that you pay electronically this quarter to lessen the chances of exposure to the COVID-19 virus.  If that is not possible, checks will still be accepted.  You can mail in your check or drop off your check using the black mailbox on the front of Borough Hall.  This mailbox is used for Borough business only.  Please include your tax stub with your check in a sealed envelope.

Should you need any further information, we can be reached by telephone - 201-664-1849, ext 15 or 16.


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