Who We Are and What We Do

Donna Geitz
Social Services Director

(201) 664-1849 Ext. 25

Old Tappan Social Services is coordinated by the Director of Social Services and a committee of locally appointed residents, who together, constitute the Local Assistance Board. The Board works together to help our neighbors maintain their quality of life and personal dignity during times of unexpected hardship.

The mission of the Local Assistance Board is to assess the social, health, welfare and recreational needs of the residents of Old Tappan and assist in a confidential, supportive and professional manner during difficult times. These services are available to children, individuals, couples, families, seniors and the disabled in our community.


How We Do It


Social Services greatly appreciates and accepts donations of food, gifts, volunteer services, financial donations from individuals, organizations, schools and businesses and distributes them to area residents as needed. With the help of these individuals and organizations, Social Services is able to provide our community with Special Programs such as:

Adopt-a-Family Holiday Program,  Holiday Gift Program, Make-a-Senior-Smile Program, Spring/Fall Yard Cleanup, Odd Jobs, Food Pantry, Hardship Transportation, Emergency Financial Assistance, Teen Holiday Shopping, Home Visits, Food Baskets, etc., which are all possible through our community contributions.

Please continue to help us help others. 

S    Supplies/ Food Pantry
O    Organization
C   Contributions
I     Individuals
A   Adopt-A-Family
L    Local Assistance 

S    Sending Cards
E   Extra Hands
R   Running Errands
V    Volunteers
I     Involvement
C   Caring
E   Elderly Assistance
S    Support



Members of the Old Tappan
Local Assistance Board

Social Services Director:
Donna Geitz (201) 664-1849 Ext. 25


Carol Vallillo                                      201-358-2597
Patrice Rosato                                  201-750-1086
Madeline McBride                            201-664-4719
Beth Enriquez                                    201-664-5388
Arlene Fultonberg                             201-767-7657
Rita Smith                                          201-664-7687
Anna Haverilla  (Council Liaison)    201-666-7223

If you know someone who would benefit from one of our services or if you want to contribute to any of our programs, please feel free to contact any one of our Board members.


 Trinity Reformed Church
St. Pius X Church
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Old Tappan Women's Club
Old Tappan Girl Scouts
Old Tappan Boy Scouts
TBD School
CDW School (includes Honor Society)
Old Tappan Ladies Auxiliary
Old Tappan Police Department
Old Tappan Fire Department
Old Tappan DPW
Old Tappan Lions Club
Bank of America
Curves for Women
Butterworth's Bagels

The Bi-State Shipping Store N More
Get Rx Help
Personal Touch Caterers
Individual Residents


Contributions can be mailed to or dropped off at Borough Hall. Contributions are tax deductible.



Social Services FAQ


Q. What does Old Tappan Social Services do?

A. Old Tappan Social Services consists of the Director of Social Services and a committee of local appointed residents, who together, constitute the Local Assistance Board. The Board works together to help our neighbors maintain their quality of life and personal dignity during times of unexpected hardship.

 Q. How can I help Old Tappan Social Services?

A. a) Financial Contributions
    b) Donations to the Food/Supply Pantry
    c) Volunteer your time
    d) Get your organization involved in our programs  

Q. What programs does Old Tappan Social Services offer:

A. a) Adopt-A-Senior (On-going contact with senior members in our community, providing
        friendship, social calls, grocery shopping and extras),
    b) Food/Supply Pantry (Stocked by contributions from individuals and local organizations),
    c) Gift Certificates to Local Stores (Funded by individuals and local financial contributions),   
    d) Holiday Programs (Adopt-A-Family, Adopt-A-Senior, Holiday Gift Program, Holiday Wish Tree,
        Thanksgiving Dinners),
    e) Weekly Meal Program (Provided by local businesses, organizations, and individuals and
        delivered by volunteers).
    f) Case Management /Information/Referral (Office hours by Appointment only).
    g) Emergency Financial Assistance (Offers help to provide emergency rent, payment of utility
        bills, medical needs, childcare, etc., funded by donations)

Q. How are referrals received?

A. Residents can call the Old Tappan Social Services Office directly for assistance.  We also receive referrals from our schools, churches, and concerned residents.

Q. What is the procedure for donating to Old Tappan Social Services?

A. Food and Pantry Supplies can be dropped off at the Borough Hall during regular business hours, Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Items can be placed outside the Social Services door. A sample of items needed are:

            -Individual packed oatmeal (instant)
            -Kraft macaroni and cheese dinner
            -Paper towels
            -Toilet paper
            -Detergent (laundry and dish)
            -Tuna fish
            -Pasta sauce and Pasta
            -Peanut butter and jelly
            -oil and mayonnaise
            -Cookies and crackers
            -Coffee and Tea
            -Juices and juiceboxes
            -Microwave meals (for shelf storage only)
            -Shampoos and Conditioners


Financial donations are always appreciated. These checks should be made out to Old Tappan Social Services and mailed to the Borough Hall at 227 Old Tappan Road. Please watch for the annual fund raising letter that is mailed to all Old Tappan residents in the fall and consider a tax deductible donation to support our programs.


Additional information