November 1, 2018 update




The Department of Public Works will begin picking up leaves in the street on October 15th and they will be picked up on a continual basis until we begin our last pick up on December 2nd. Leaves may not be placed in the roadway prior to October 9th as per borough ordinance as required by the State and Federal Stormwater Regulations. Leaves must be put out by December 1st to ensure pick up, any snow fall during this time can slow pick up operations. Please do not mix any debris such as branches, brush and rocks in the leaf piles. Rake the leaf piles as close to the curb as possible to insure safe passage of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Do not place leaves on top of or within 10 feet of storm drains and do not block fire hydrants. If you have a landscape contractor please inform them of the above-mentioned items, thank you.


Vehicles parked on or close to a leaf pile will make it difficult or impossible to pick up resulting in that pile being passed by. Residents that have basketball backboards in the street are asked to remove them or turn them around, the borough will not be responsible for any damages that might occur.  Thank you for you support in the past and your future cooperation.


As we have done in the past we will be recycling Christmas trees during the month of January.  We will pick up on the west side of town (Central Ave. to River Vale) on January 8th & 22nd and the east side (Central Ave. to the state line including Central Ave.) on January 15th & 29th.Branches will also be picked up at this time if time allows. 


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