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Recreation Director

Gloria Wiesner, 201 664-1849 ext. 24, gwiesner@oldtappan.net

 Council Liaison

 Guy Carnazza, 201 767-8311, carnazza@oldtappan.net


 Recreation Commission

John Brophy, 201 664-4454, jbrophy@perriergroup.com
Sal DeBenedetto, 201 664-3114,  srdeben@verizon.net

Al Harnisch, 201 768-3940, aharnisch@easterndatacomm.com 
Mary Haveron, Chairman 201 664-5727, haverons@aol.com 
Denise Fleming, 201 615-3936, denise.m.fleming@us.pwc.com
Cort Gwon
Steve DePhillips, 201 666-5564, dephips@optonline.net
Peter Soumas, 201 664-3370,
Chris Hliboki- chliboki@optonline.net


Baseball, Steve DePhillips 201 666-5564 dephips@optonline.net
Basketball, Peter Soumas, 201 723- 5836, othoops@gmail.com
Easter Egg Hunt, Gloria Wiesner, 201 664-1849 ext. 24, gwiesner@oldtappan.net
Football, Sal DeBenedetto, 201 664-3114, srdeben@verizon.net

Girls On The Run, Rebecca Gattoni, 201 722-9510, rgattoni@yahoo.com

Ragamuffin Parade/Halloween Festival, Gloria Wiesner, 201 664-1849 ext. 24 gwiesner@oldtappan.net
Soccer, Cort Gwon 
Camp Serendipity, Gloria Wiesner, 201 664-1849 ext. 24, gwiesner@oldtappan.net
Town Day, Gloria Wiesner, 201 664-1849 ext. 24, gwiesner@oldtappan.net

The Recreation Commission is always striving to improve and expand its services to the Borough.  We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions, and hope you will use the contact lists above to give us your input.  If you would like to address the Recreation Commission in person, we meet on a regular basis on the second Tuesday of each month at 8 PM in the Borough Hall.  These are public meetings, so you are always welcome to attend, but if you wish to be placed on the agenda, we would appreciate your notifying the Recreation Director in advance so appropriate time can be allotted.

The Recreation Commission welcomes you to our site where you can find helpful information regarding activities available to all Old Tappan residents.  The Recreation Commission is made up of volunteers from the community. 

 The 2019 Recreation Commission members are:

 Mary Haveron
Kristen Zales
Doug Zimmerman
Cort Gwon
Denise Fleming
Mike DeMarco
Manny Lago

Joe D'Amico  (alternate)
John Brophy (alternate)

Gloria Wiesner, Recreation Director- gwiesner@oldtappan.net

Guy Carnazza, Council Liaison

Our objective is to serve the girls, boys, men and women of Old Tappan, providing the types of recreational activities that will improve the lifestyle of everyone.  This is not a task borne only by the Recreation Commission members but also by a wealth of volunteer effort from town residents.  This spirit of volunteerism from parents and others is essential in order for our programs to continue successfully. Parents are encouraged to participate in a variety of ways on the ball field and off during the course of each of the sports seasons.  

Click on the Sport below for Contact information for each activity: 


Baseball / Softball                     

Doug Zimmerman -Baseball 
Vacant- Softball



John Brophy



Joe D'Amico



Manny Lago


Town Day

Gloria Wiesner


Summer Camp

Gloria Wiesner


Easter Egg Hunt

Gloria Wiesner


Halloween / Ragamuffin

Gloria Wiesner




Our regular meeting date is the first Tuesday of every month starting at 7:30 PM at the Borough Hall.  The public is always welcome to attend regular meetings during the public portion of the meeting. Please contact the Chairman or Recreation Director in advance of your attendance so our agenda can include your visit.


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