Golf Commission

The powers and duties of the Borough of Old Tappan Golf Commission are established by Borough Ordinance Section 9-13.This ordinance provides as follows:

The Golf Course Commission shall:

A. Be responsible for the supervision and control of the operation and regulation of the Old Tappan Municipal Golf Course and over all forms of recreation, playground and public entertainment and activities carried on therewith.


Establish and adopt suitable rates, charges, rules, regulations and bylaws for the purpose of carrying out its objects, provided that no such rates, charges, rules, regulations or bylaws shall become effective without the approval of the Mayor and Borough Council.


Keep regular and accurate financial records and make same available for review by the Mayor and Council and present the same to the Mayor and Council at least once a year.


Have all the powers, duties, functions, obligations and responsibilities as provided in N.J.S.A. 40:61-22.9 and the supplements and amendments thereto.


5 Members - 3 Year Terms



                        TITLE                                          TERM



                   Daniel Morro                    Chairman                                            12/31/19


                   Richard Ferrigno                                                                          12/31/19


                   Jennifer Kusnic                                                                             12/31/17


                   Thomas Corcoran                                                                         12/31/17


                   Kurt Linder                                                                                   12/31/18


                   Paul Parascondolo            Golf Course Superintendent               12/31/17


                   Doug Meeks                     Golf Pro/Golf Play Supervisor           12/31/17


                   Siobhain Auer                   Recording Secretary                          12/31/17

                   Guy Carnazza                   Council Liaison                                  12/31/17


The Golf Commission holds a public meeting at the Borough Hall
The First Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm



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