Old Tappan Municipal Alliance Committee

formerly known as
"The Committee For A Drug Free Old Tappan"


The Old Tappan Municipal Alliance
provides and supports a variety of programs in the community related to drug and alcohol awareness. Programs supported through grant monies and fund raising are the D.A.R.E. Program, Project Graduation at the Northern Valley Regional High School, the Choice Program at CDW, Fright Night, Annual Senior Citizen Luncheon, CDW Jr. SADD and a wide variety of motivational speakers within our schools and community.

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In March 1989, the New Jersey Legislature created the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and an Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.


The Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse is dedicated to a comprehensive and coordinated effort against alcoholism and drug abuse. The Alliance is a means for implementing polices to achieve this end. To accomplish the purpose of the Alliance, a network comprised of all counties and communities in New Jersey has been created.  In this regard, each municipality may establish a Municipal Alliance Committee or join with one or more municipalities to create a Municipal Alliance Committee. This committee, in consultation with the Local (County) Advisory Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse shall identify alcoholism and drug prevention, education and community needs. The Municipal Alliance Committee may implement programs. Municipalities in compliance with proposed guidelines may become members of the Alliance effort and shall become eligible to receive state funds to assist the programs developed by the Municipal Alliance Committees. Funding for the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and the Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse is provided by Drug Enforcement Demand Reduction (DEDR) fines. These fines are collected from persons convicted of drug related offenses.

The structure which is now standing in each of New Jersey's 21 counties consists of a Local Advisory Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (LACADA) and a county alcoholism coordinator, who among other duties, acts as a staff person to the LACADA as well as the liaison to the State. The county alcoholism coordinator develops an alcoholism and other drug abuse needs assessment and reports back to the LACADA on the status of services within the county.

The purpose of the Old Tappan Municipal Alliance Program is to provide community based substance abuse education and public awareness activities. The Old Tappan Municipal Alliance Committee is comprised of community members who will develop the goals and objectives of the Alliance in their community.


  • Written a State Grant to offset the cost of the D.A.R.E. program
  • Sponsors educational programs and a luncheon for our Senior Community
  • Sponsors "Fright Night" for grades 5th through 8th on the night before Halloween
  • Sponsored the Elementary to Middle School Transition Program for 4th graders
  • Sponsors various motivational speakers for our youth on drugs and alcohol
  • Supports Town Day and Town Day Fireworks
  • Supports Northern Valley Regional High Schools "PROJECT GRADUATION"
  • Sponsored Fund Raisers as "The Mayor's Trophy Golf Tournament" various Comedy Nights and dances. These Fund Raisers supplement the Alliance Grant in order to continue current programs as well as proposed future programs.
  • Sponsors Peer Mediation programs in the High School & Grammar School
  • Sponsored "Movies in the Park"



Councilwoman Anna Haverilla (Chair.)

Chief Thomas Shine

Mark Geerinck

Melinda Braet

Karen Makris

Nancy Labov

Eloyse Lange


Council Liaison

Councilman John Kramer


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